A Complete Office Solution with Happiness.

All the features you want

A complete office solution with happiness.

Employee Attendance

Take count of attendance and working hours of the staff by linking a biometric device to the software. Track the log-in and log out time for each day and make the attendance process simpler.

Track Employee Activity and Live Performance

Keep a track of activities of your staff and check the live performance at any level during a project or a task.

Manage Team Work Flow

Managing and working in teams become seamless with Make my Office software. This system lets you assign tasks to groups and members within seconds. You can even interact with a team member anytime and can check working reports at any stage of project.

Easy Salary Calculation

Salaries are not a hassle anymore for administration. Information like total working days and hours, leaves, etc., is appeared on your screen in single click. Salary is calculated automatically according to the performance and presence of the employee.

Inter Firm Connectivity

Not only you can connect within branches and divisions, but also can improve connectivity within different firms. Joint table feature provides real time access to other entities.

Value of The Time & Management

Advanced techniques of working and management let you get quick and real time responses. You also get the control to show or hide things as well as to categorize screens for different departments.

Easy to use

If software is complicated for users then purpose of using technology is not justified. Make my Office is a tool which is easy to operate. With use of graphical indications and pop ups, everything becomes smooth for users.

Paperless Efficiency

Storing, sharing and managing important data and documents are much simple with Makemyoffice. No more bundles of papers and files to manage. No stress of keeping your data safe and secure. In addition, mark your contribution for the wellbeing of environment by using a paperless technology.

Quick Analysis

Need to analyze the progress of a project or performance of the employees? Make my Office has fantastic features for quick analysis of work of divisions and individuals at any stage.

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